Industry needs preservatives, antibiotics, fertilisers and pesticides for use in some highly delicate areas, involving the health both of people and the planet, particularly in food, agriculture and breeding.

We at Saviolife have focussed our energies on the production of ethical products with low environmental impact. The results are products that respect life for many sectors of industry.


100% natural tannin specifically for high quality leather work. For softer and more resistant leather.
We extract the tannin only from chestnut wood, with a natural leaching process in water that leaves the organic acids that make up tannin intact. We chose to work with the chestnut tree because the tannin from this wood is hydrolysable. This characteristic makes possible environmentally friendly and safe use, as well as providing a very high quality product.


Natural supplements for poultry, pig and cattle breeding. Healthier animals and a healthier environment.
The principal effect of Saviotan® Feed is the selective link to proteins, reflected also in the modulation of the activity of certain enzymes. This is how Saviotan® Feed is able to act against intestinal parasites, selectively interacting with cell membrane proteins, altering the ion and nutrient exchanges.


Healthy, high performance plants using Saviolife fertilisers. Also suitable for 100% organic farming.
Saviotan tannin comes from working with chestnut wood which yields a product with a number of different uses. It is a hydrolysable tannin that disperses naturally in water and therefore ensures its action is effective but non-invasive. It is permitted in organic farming, as a biostimulant, while it also helps reduce attacks from pests, making a fundamental contribution to sustainable agriculture.