There is always a choice

It has been our choice at Saviolife to focus on ethical, low environmental impact, products. The results are products that are respectful of life for many different industrial sectors.


Healthy, high performance, plants using Saviolife fertilisers. Thanks also to 100% organic cultivation.


Natural supplements for poultry, pig and cattle breeding. Healthier animals and a healthier environment.


100% natural tannin specifically for high quality leather work. For softer and more resistant leather.


An ingredient for a healthy industy

The development of chestnut tannin products illustrates our commitment to more sustainable industrial development.

Industry needs preservatives, antibiotics, fertilisers and pesticides for use in some highly delicate areas, involving the health both of people and of the planet, particularly in food, agriculture and breeding. We at Saviolife offer alternatives to chemistry with 100% natural chestnut tannin extracted without the use of solvents and only from sustainably managed forests. Tannin processing is the core of our business and years of research and development have led us to being able come up with specific products for every industrial need.

Certifications obtained

The rhythm of nature

The idea of Sazolene came out of a combination of environmental consciousness, research and the employment of new technologies. The result achieved is an innovative nitrogren fertiliser that acts in synchronised fashion with the needs of the plants. Nothing is wasted, nothing ends up uselessly going into the land and ground water. Every Sazolene granule is used solely for the crops, and with exceptional results.

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