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Sazolene SC

Sazolene® SC is a liquid nitrogen fertiliser solution containing about 60% nitrogen in the form of methyl-urea. Sazolene® improves nitrogen absorption, translocation and re-mobilization and is particularly suitable for open field, horticultural, fruit-bearing and nut crops.
The application is particularly safe for crops because of its very low salinity index. It can be used for leaf applications on all crops to stimulate growth and high quality as well as to correct any nitrogen deficiency. It can also be applied to soil in strips or used in fertigation. Sazolene® SC contains 350 grams of nitrogen per litre and can be used in concentrated or dilute solutions both for soil and for leaves. Apply with sufficient water to properly cover the affected surface, while avoiding any application where temperatures rise above 30 °C and where water is less than 30%.

Sazolene® SC is particularly compatible with most phosphorus and potassium-based fertilisers, microelements and with most agrochemicals.

Characteristics of the product


Total Nitrogen (N) 28 % p/p
Ureic nitrogen 11,5 % p/p
Methylen-urea nitrogen 16,5 % p/p
Density at 20 ° C (Kg / Lt.) 1,24 – 1,26
pH 9,5 – 10,5
Crystallisation temperature, °C <0
Freezing temperature, °C <0
Electroconductivity in solution at 1 ‰ at 20 °C (mS / cm) 0,005 – 0,01
Physical appearance Clear, transparent solution


As a supplement where there is a lack of nitrogen or other nutrients, in open field crops, vegetable crops, fruit, ornamental plants and lawns.


N TOTAL / 28%0%
UREA-N / 11,5%0%
METILEN-UREA N / 16,5%0%



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