First the Scientific Revolution, then the Industrial Revolution, completely transformed our society. The benefits that Science and Technology have brought to mankind, in terms of knowledge, well-being and progress, cannot be in doubt, but also neither is price paid in terms of the impact they have had and are still having on the environment.

While it is true that industry today can no longer avoid having to make choices, often regulation-led, in the direction of sustainability, the question is particularly delicate when considering the so-called Life Sciences: agriculture, livestock breeding and feeding are the basis of the life.

Saviolife is part of the Saviola Group – The Eco-ethical Company, for which sustainability has been its guiding light for over sixty years. It was a natural choice for us, as we in fact always prefer what is natural over that which is not, offering the market real alternatives, with products more respectful of the environment and of life. We do this without compromising quality and performance in any way.

We operate in sensitive sectors that directly involve health, whether human, animal or of the environment. Just as intensive agriculture can impoverish the land so the over-use of antibiotics in farming can have negative effects on animal health and human nutrition.

Saviolife’s mission involves a real paradigm shift. Sustainability is no longer seen as an obstacle but as a competitive advantage that can be achieved through research and development and innovative methods and ideas. These include replacing antibiotics for livestock, natural pesticides for crops that also improve soil quality, and slow-release fertilisers that follow the rhythm of the plants’ growth.