Saviotan® is a natural chestnut exact
with worldwide unique properties.


Tannin is a naturally occurring substance in wood. From the chemical point of view, it is an agglomerate of organic acids. The best plant from which to extract it is the chestnut, because it is found here in high concentrations and of the best quality. Grazing herds have always naturally taken up these precious active ingredients found in many grasses and trees. Today the studies and scientific research work show that the animals were right, as new and unexplored positive values of this amazing natural active principle being constantly revealed.


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As a supplement to animal feeds, it is evidently good for the well-being of the animal, acting as an antioxidant, regulator of bacterial flora and as a natural pesticide. The product, which is a hundred percent natural, causes no side effects when used in the right doses and is completely biodegradable.

In cultivation, it is an entirely natural organic corrective that is rich in organic acids and sugars. It is used in the correction of water and soil, preferably for alkaline, calcareous and saline soils, where it improves the resistance of plants to salt stress, chlorosis and to the phenomena of soil fatigue where rotations have been too rapid.

Its use is very valuable in the tanning industry, for the highest quality standards and for high purity. Its strength is to bring out the natural aspects of the leather, adding value to the quality of the raw material, making it more firm and resistant, warm and expressive.

How it is extracted

Organic acids have a molecular structure that is very sensitive to heat. Saviolife technologies are patented worldwide and make possible completely cold extraction of the active principle. The entire process is water based, and only first choice hydrolysed tannins are extracted.

Maintaining low temperatures ensures the qualities of tannin are retained and the resulting products are of the highest quality and wholly natural.

What is different about it

Not all tannins are the same. The hydrolysed tannin we extract from the chestnut dissolves completely in water without leaving any residue, providing a complete and ready to use active principle. It thus lends itself particularly well to several areas of the Life Sciences, sometimes able to take the place of more expensive, less natural, and certainly less environmentally friendly “traditional” products.

The incredible properties of tannin:

  • inhibits oxidation of living materials
  • a regulator of bacterial flora
  • optimises the immune system without creating immunoresistance
  • a free radical inhibitor (antioxidant)
  • improves protein stability
  • produces excrements of better composition
  • limited environmental impact
  • free of side effects

Saviotan® Leather is used in the tanning industry because of its ability to bring out the natural aspects of the leather, adding value to the quality of the raw material, making it more firm and resistant, warm and expressive.

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Saviotan® Feed is a natural astringent and antiseptic that greatly reduces any need for the use of antibiotics. It is an innovative product whose use is rapidly spreading in the livestock fields of poultry, pigs and cattle.

Saviotan® Agro is the natural alternative to traditional agricultural chemicals and suited to organic farming. It is used as an organic corrective to assist health plant growth and to improve resistance.