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Under constuction

Hydrolysable chestnut tannin

for livestock feeding

Saviotan® Feed is a natural astringent and antiseptic that greatly reduces the use of antibiotics. It is an innovative product whose use is rapidly spreading in the livestock fields of poultry, pigs and cattle.

  • Ellagic tannins

  • Gallic tannins

  • Other components

Compatible with organic

production standards

Reduction of livestock

impact on the environment

An alternative to antibiotic

usage because of its major

anti-microbial action


  • Better conversion of ration proteins
  • Better composition of droppings
  • Reduction in cholesterol content in the egg yolk
  • Reduction of free radicals: better animal wellbeing, better growth


  • Control of parasitic diseases
  • Control of oxidative stress
  • Improvements to milk and meat quality
  • Reduction of the impact of livestock on the environment
  • Compatible with organic food production standards


  • Improved utilisation of food proteins
  • Improvement of meat quality
  • Reduction in urinary nitrogen quantities
  • Enrichment of adipose tissue with health-giving acids